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Ranbir Kapoor, born on September 28, 1982, in Mumbai, India, is a renowned Bollywood actor and a prominent member of the illustrious Kapoor film dynasty. With a lineage deeply rooted in the Indian film industry, Ranbir has carved his own niche as a versatile and highly talented performer. From his debut in “Saawariya” to critically acclaimed roles in films like “Rockstar” and “Barfi!,” Ranbir Kapoor has consistently delivered compelling performances that showcase his acting prowess. Known for his charm, on-screen charisma, and ability to bring depth to diverse characters, he stands as one of the leading actors in contemporary Hindi cinema. This introduction merely scratches the surface of Ranbir Kapoor’s illustrious career, leaving room to explore the multifaceted talent that has made him a beloved figure in the world of Indian cinema.

Ranbir Kapoor Personal Life:

At the heart of Ranbir Kapoor’s success lies a personal narrative characterized by both privilege and the burden of a legendary film lineage. Born on September 28, 1982, in Mumbai, India, to actors Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, Ranbir Kapoor’s journey reflects the duality of growing up in the limelight and navigating the complexities of fame.

Category Details
Full Name Ranbir Raj Kapoor
Date of Birth September 28, 1982
Place of Birth Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Height 6 feet (183 cm)
Weight Varied within a healthy range
Age (As of 2024) Early forties
Parents Rishi Kapoor (Father)
Neetu Singh (Mother)
Grandparents Raj Kapoor (Paternal Grandfather)
Krishna Raj Kapoor (Paternal Grandmother)
Education Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai
Debut Film “Saawariya” (2007)
Relationship Status In a relationship (As of 2024)

Despite his family’s deep roots in Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor has successfully crafted his own identity. His relationship status has often been a subject of public interest, adding an element of intrigue to his otherwise private personal life.

Ranbir Kapoor Height, Weight, and Age:

Standing tall at 6 feet (183 cm), Ranbir Kapoor possesses a commanding presence that complements his on-screen charisma. His weight has varied within a healthy range over the years, showcasing the industry’s continuous scrutiny on physical appearances.

As of 2024, Ranbir is in his early forties—a phase where actors often redefine their careers, take on diverse roles, and contribute significantly to the cinematic landscape. His age is not a limitation but a testament to his ability to evolve as an actor and continue to engage audiences with his performances.

Ranbir Kapoor Early Life:

Ranbir Kapoor’s early life was steeped in Bollywood royalty, being part of the illustrious Kapoor family. Born to Rishi Kapoor, a celebrated actor, and Neetu Singh, an accomplished actress, Ranbir was exposed to the magic of cinema from a young age. His grandfather, Raj Kapoor, was a legendary filmmaker and actor, further deepening the family’s connection to the industry.

Timeline Details
Education Bombay Scottish School in Mumbai was the alma mater for young Ranbir.
Aspirations Initially, Ranbir harbored dreams of becoming a director before deciding to pursue acting.

Despite being born into a family synonymous with Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor’s decision to enter the world of acting was not automatic. His journey was marked by a brief exploration of directing before he embraced the actor’s mantle.

Ranbir Kapoor Career:

Ranbir Kapoor’s official entry into Bollywood was marked by Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Saawariya” in 2007. Though the film had a lukewarm reception, Ranbir’s performance was praised, setting the stage for a career that would redefine the landscape of Hindi cinema.

Year Film Role Director Genre Box Office Collection (Approx.)
2007 Saawariya Ranbir Raj Sanjay Leela Bhansali Romance, Drama ₹21.4 crore
2008 Bachna Ae Haseeno Raj Sharma Siddharth Anand Romance, Drama ₹79.9 crore
2009 Wake Up Sid Sidharth Mehra Ayan Mukerji Coming-of-Age, Drama ₹68.6 crore
2009 Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani Prem Shankar Sharma Rajkumar Santoshi Romance, Comedy ₹173.9 crore
2010 Rocket Singh: Salesman… Harpreet Singh Bedi Shimit Amin Comedy, Drama ₹33.4 crore
2010 Raajneeti Samar Pratap Prakash Jha Political Drama ₹147.7 crore
2010 Anjaana Anjaani Aakash Ahuja Siddharth Anand Romance, Drama ₹68.2 crore
2011 Rockstar Jordan Imtiaz Ali Musical, Drama ₹108.3 crore
2012 Barfi! Murphy “Barfi” Johnson Anurag Basu Comedy, Drama ₹1.75 billion
2013 Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Kabir Thapar Ayan Mukerji Romance, Drama ₹3.03 billion
2013 Besharam Babli Abhinav Kashyap Action, Comedy ₹102.8 crore
2014 Roy Roy Vikramjit Singh Romance, Drama, Thriller ₹44.7 crore
2015 Bombay Velvet Johnny Balraj Anurag Kashyap Crime, Drama ₹43.1 crore
2015 Tamasha Ved Vardhan Sahni Imtiaz Ali Romance, Drama ₹136.6 crore
2016 Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Ayan Sanger Karan Johar Romance, Drama ₹2.03 billion
2017 Jagga Jasoos Jagga Anurag Basu Adventure, Comedy, Mystery ₹83.6 crore
2018 Sanju Sanjay Dutt Rajkumar Hirani Biography, Drama ₹5.86 billion
2020 Shamshera (Upcoming) Shamshera Karan Malhotra Action, Adventure (Yet to be released)
2022 Brahmastra (Part One: Shiva) Shiva Ayan Mukerji Fantasy, Adventure (Yet to be released)

Ranbir’s filmography is a testament to his ability to navigate diverse genres—from intense dramas like “Rockstar” and “Barfi!” to light-hearted comedies like “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.” His collaboration with directors such as Ayan Mukerji and Imtiaz Ali has been particularly noteworthy, showcasing a synergy that brings out the best in both actor and director.

Ranbir Kapoor Family:

Ranbir Kapoor’s family holds a significant place in both his personal and professional life. Born into the illustrious Kapoor family, with a lineage that includes icons like Prithviraj Kapoor and Raj Kapoor, Ranbir’s upbringing was immersed in the rich traditions of Indian cinema.

Family Member Relationship
Rishi Kapoor (Father) Late actor
Neetu Singh (Mother) Actress
Raj Kapoor (Grandfather) Legendary actor and filmmaker
Krishna Raj Kapoor (Grandmother) Maternal figure in the Kapoor family

Despite the loss of his father, Rishi Kapoor, in 2020, the Kapoor family’s legacy continues to be an integral part of Ranbir’s identity. His bond with his mother, Neetu Singh, and the Kapoor family’s contributions to Hindi cinema underscore the deep roots that shape Ranbir’s journey.

Ranbir Kapoor Achievements and Awards:

Ranbir Kapoor’s journey in Bollywood has been adorned with numerous accolades, celebrating his exceptional talent and impactful contributions to the industry.

Award Category Film Year
Filmfare Awards – Best Male Debut Saawariya 2008
Filmfare Awards – Best Actor (Critics) Wake Up Sid 2010
Filmfare Awards – Best Actor Rockstar 2012
Filmfare Awards – Best Actor Barfi! 2013
Filmfare Awards – Best Actor (Critics) Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 2014
Filmfare Awards – Best Actor Tamasha 2016
Filmfare Awards – Best Actor Sanju 2019
National Film Awards – Best Actor Rockstar 2012

Ranbir Kapoor’s multiple Filmfare Awards and a National Film Award for his performance in “Rockstar” underscore the critical acclaim he has received for his diverse roles. From the intense musician in “Rockstar” to the endearing “Barfi!” and the complex Sanjay Dutt portrayal in “Sanju,” Ranbir’s ability to immerse himself in characters has earned him both accolades and a place among the industry’s finest.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Impact on Fashion:

Ranbir Kapoor’s influence extends beyond the silver screen to the realm of fashion. Known for his effortless style, Ranbir seamlessly transitions from casual looks to red carpet sophistication.

Fashion Influencer Description
Casual Chic Ranbir’s off-duty style often features comfortable yet trendy outfits. From jeans and tees to athleisure, his casual looks resonate with a broad audience.
Red Carpet Elegance On the red carpet, Ranbir Kapoor exudes elegance. His choice of tailored suits, tuxedos, and classic ensembles showcases a blend of traditional and modern sophistication.
Brand Collaborations Ranbir’s impact on fashion is evident in his associations with leading fashion brands. His collaborations and endorsements contribute to setting trends in the industry.

Ranbir’s natural flair for fashion has positioned him as a style icon for many, with his looks often becoming benchmarks in the industry.

Upcoming Projects and Future Prospects:

As of 2024, Ranbir Kapoor’s future projects continue to generate anticipation and excitement among fans and industry enthusiasts.

Upcoming Projects Description
Shamshera Directed by Karan Malhotra, “Shamshera” is an upcoming action-adventure film where Ranbir Kapoor plays the lead role. The film’s release is highly awaited.
Brahmastra (Part One: Shiva) In Ayan Mukerji’s ambitious fantasy adventure, Ranbir takes on the character of Shiva. With a stellar cast, the film’s release is keenly anticipated.
Luv Ranjan’s Next Ranbir Kapoor is set to collaborate with director Luv Ranjan for an upcoming project. Details about the film, including its genre and cast, are eagerly awaited.

Ranbir’s choice of projects reflects a commitment to diversity, with roles spanning genres and narratives. His upcoming ventures promise to showcase his range as an actor and contribute to the evolving landscape of Hindi cinema.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Despite being part of a celebrated film lineage, Ranbir Kapoor faces the constant challenge of meeting the industry’s ever-growing expectations. Each project brings both an opportunity for creative exploration and the challenge of living up to his own legacy and the Kapoor family name.

Opportunities abound for Ranbir to continue redefining genres, collaborating with talented directors, and contributing to the narrative diversity of Bollywood. His ability to embrace challenges, take risks, and evolve as an actor positions him as a key influencer in the industry.


Ranbir Kapoor’s journey in Bollywood is a tapestry woven with talent, legacy, and a commitment to authenticity. From his debut in “Saawariya” to the multifaceted characters in “Barfi!” and “Sanju,” Ranbir has consistently evolved as an actor, leaving an indelible impact on the cinematic landscape.

His family’s legacy, his numerous awards, and his influence on fashion showcase a multi-dimensional personality whose impact extends beyond the silver screen. As Ranbir Kapoor continues to explore diverse roles and contribute to the ever-evolving narrative of Hindi cinema, he remains a symbol of versatility, talent, and cinematic excellence. His journey is not just a story of stardom but a chapter in the ever-expanding narrative of the Kapoor dynasty and the broader canvas of Indian cinema.

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